Miriam "Mim" Dahl



Xong Cheng

"I recently had the pleasure of being a client of Mim Dahl. I was a first time home buyer and I wasn’t sure how to go about buying a house or what to expect. Through a good friend of ours he  referrer us to Mim. She was such a great person willing to help and understand our wants and needs and go beyond to help us get what we were looking for. Going into this house market was tougher then I expected and sometime you have to find your priority first in order to understand what kind of house you want. She guide me through the process and help me understand what I am looking for, what I can work with, and what I can let go. She really surprise me on the first week, by booking houses that fit what we are expecting and driving us there to look at the place. I love that she would was able to come and show me the house at any hours of the day that would fit my busy work schedule. Its was good to know that she was there when I needed her; through emails, phone calls, or text. She took good care of us and I really appreciate her hard work and I am glad that she was there to help me buy a house. If I was to buy another house again I would defiantly choose Mim. I would recommend her to anyone who is buying a house.Thank you."

Merrie Healy

"Mim is very professional, friendly, courteous and timely in her responses and follow up. She is very knowledgable about the housing market and has excellent research skills as well as a wide network of connections for related services. She is very personable and my only regret at the closing was that I wasn't going to be interacting with her anymore! Mim also helped us buy a new condo and made herself available evenings and weekends to condo hunt because we were operating within a short time frame. Her flexibility was greatly appreciated"